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Welcome to the website for the TRIPAR Research Organization.

     TRIPAR is a research organization founded for the purpose of scientifically investigating, logging, and documenting cases of reported paranormal phenomenon.
     Our team is comprised of dedicated, professional members with well over 25 years of active experience in the research field.
     Although the organization was officially founded in 1999, TRIPAR's foundation in the field of paranormal research began many years prior to that.  Please read our Profile page to discover what sets our organization apart.

Website Updates:

*The website has been reinstated and is currently undergoing continual construction to bring it back up to date.

*New investigations have been added.

*Recent updates to our equipment page.

If you or your organization were part of our links page, please contact us with your information.  This will enable us to rebuild our links page and ensure that our shared links stay intact.


Thank you to all of our recent and very generous contributors and supporters.  Through the aid of these individuals and organizations, we are able to continue to help those that are in need of assistance and further develop newer and more advanced technology.

Our team wishes to thank each and every one of you.


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