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TRIPAR Profile:

Founded in 1999, TRIPAR was formed through a joint effort of three previously separate paranormal research organizations.

TRIPAR is an investigative and research team providing comprehensive scientific investigations into claims of paranormal phenomena.

TRIPAR is based in Eastern North Carolina.

What makes TRIPAR different from other "research groups"?

Where many traditional skeptics leave an unexplained occurrence, we begin research.

Unlike many who only collect video, still pictures, and audio in an "attempt" to provide "proof", TRIPAR does not stop there.
Our knowledge of science and technology allows us to determine if an area contains anomalous activity.
We integrate computer aided analysis, monitor and record changes in atmospheric response, plus scan and log a number of other mediums.
We believe measures like these are what truly separates us in our approach to paranormal research. 

TRIPAR is a not-for-profit group dedicated to helping individuals who believe that they may be the subject to paranormal phenomena in their home or other location.
Our purpose is to verify if a haunting is indeed occurring or if some other physical or psychological reason can be found for the experienced phenomena.

Our scientific approach to our investigations makes us one of the most comprehensive and accurate in the field.
Our backgrounds include:
Physics, philosophy, theology, psychology, criminal investigations, surveillance and security engineering, IT hardware and software design and architecture, video and photographic analysis, and electrical instrument design and engineering.
These measures not only aid us in understanding paranormal and naturally occurring phenomena, but to understand human nature and the possibilities for error.
Not all cases are paranormal cases. Some may have psychological, or environmental factors which were not brought to light.
This is where we come in. We will discern between a "haunting" and other phenomena.

We are skeptics as well. We do not claim to be experts in the field.
We are, however, confident in our understanding of the sciences (physics, electricity, biology, psychology, etc.) to know that what some people experience and record on their instruments are in fact unique.

TRIPAR Objective:

To confirm if paranormal phenomena is indeed taking place by gathering conclusive evidence (photos, video, environmental data, etc).

To continuously gather scientific data by means of experimentations and conducting investigations to better understand "ghost" phenomena.

To make available our knowledge and experience which we have attained to those who need help or know not where to turn for answers.

To continue researching other studies to gain a broad perspective on possible theories and innovative data collection techniques.

To continue to uphold the integrity which TRIPAR has attained by means of giving accurate information, a genuine interest to helping those in need, and protecting our client's identities (unless permission is granted) by keeping personal records confidential.


Thank you to all of our recent and very generous contributors and supporters.  Through the aid of these individuals and organizations, we are able to continue to help those that are in need of assistance and further develop newer and more advanced technology.

Our team wishes to thank each and every one of you.


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